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Frequently Ask Questions:

How to place an order?

*Click the Contact Page

*Fill up the form

*Send your Countsheet/Video

*You will receive confirmation together with the invoice

*Proceed to Checkout

What includes in the music package?

Do i have to pay up front?

You'll be receiving 2 version of the music with two different music speed, the music license and the Lyrics 

Yes, Full payment must be received before the production begins

SCPro accepts Credit Card and Paypal

What payment method do you accept?

Can I order my mix then add sound effect later?


How do EDITS Work?

We categorized it as "Revision" and "Edits"
       *Edits includes adding or removing a sound effects, changing the speed of the music 
       *Revision includes recontruction of the music
                            (Example: when you want to remove/add an 8count or replace a routine sequence by secquence)

How to request for an EDIT?

Why Licensed Mix and why do i need it?

When do i get my license?

Simply, you need a Licensed Mix to protect your team to be sanctioned from the US Copyright Law
Your Signed Licensed will delivered as a PDF file on the day of your scheduled turnaround date.
Send us the updated count sheet or the full detail of the edit that you want to make
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